After experiencing a number of delays over the past few months, the beta version of Fedora 18 Linux has finally been launched. The launch date was pushed back six times before the makers were finally able to release the beta version. It would give the developers and users less than two months to check out Fedora 18, which is going to be released to the public on January 8 next year. This means the release has been delayed by more than two months.

Fedora 18 Linux Beta Version Released

The main reason why the launch was delayed was because the makers had underestimated the time it would take to write the Anaconda software. According to the official statement, they had not taken into account the complexity of the project and had thus announced an earlier launch date. Given the fact that Fedora 18 Linux doesn’t run without Anaconda, the delay is explainable.

As of now, the new Fedora 18 has been nicknamed Spherical Cow. While it may sound humorous to you, the software itself is quite complex. The Anaconda software allows users to upgrade their operating system without losing their data. This means they can install a new operating system and retain the data which they have stored on their computer.

Fedora 18 Linux Beta Version Released

The kind of technicality involved in this process required the creators to ensure the software is foolproof and there are no kinks. When they were sure the users aren’t going to face any problems, they decided to release it for testing. However, it remains to be seen how well the Fedora 18 Linux performs during the beta testing.

For the time being, Fedora has to rely on the core group of Linux loyalists. With iOS and Android around, the Fedora 18 OS is going to find few takers. Yet, if it manages to rake in rave reviews from the outset, that trend could change.


[Images via conecti & internetnews]