What’s the main thing you look at when deciding what web browser to use? For sure, five people asked the same question will offer different answers. I would not be suprised if answers along the lines of “nice to look at” and “pretty” are just as common as “fast”. If you like Firefox for reasons other than aesthetics, and you don’t mind prettifying it, take a look at these Firefox Add-ons which can give your browser a makeover.

Firefox Add-ons


I have no issues with my tabs looking all the same, as long as I do not have too many open that I can’t distinguish one from the other anymore. If you think that your browsing experience can benefit from little splashes of colors in the tabs, though, this Firefox Add-on will delight you.

Browser Backgrounds

How often do you change your wallpaper on your laptop/desktop computer? How long does it take you to decide which image is worthy of the honor? If you had the choice, wouldn’t you beautify your browser with the same principle? Firefox Add-on Browser Backgrounds allows you to do just this. Download it, and you can have your browser look like this.

Firefox Add-ons

Background Browsers


I’ve taken a liking to how Safari displays my most frequently visited sites whenever I open a new tab. Not only does it make for easier browsing, it also looks good. This can be done on Firefox as well, thanks to the Firefox Add-on FoxTab. It also has various settings which allows you to play with how tabs are displayed.

Walnut for Firefox

This Firefox Add-on may not be for everyone, simply because of style preferences. If, however, you are a sucker for walnut panels, then you just might fall for the look  it gives to your browser.

Firefox Add-ons

Walnut for Firefox

Personas Plus

Is it more skins that you want? Personas Plus is simply an extension of the built-in function, Firefox Personas, which allows you to dress up your browser following your own preferences. With Personas Plus, you get more choices.


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