The art of paper folding is an ancient one. Perhaps the Japanese art, origami, is what usually comes to mind when paper folding is brought up. This is but natural, as origami is the most popular form of this practice. Then again, I have to question its popularity these days, especially as compared to decades ago which was my childhood. How many children do you see engaging in paper folding after school today?



Still, there is hope for this fun and creative art form.

Enter Foldify, an iPad app which brings paper folding and technology together.

Foldify actually takes paper folding to a whole new dimension – the 3D kind. If I am not mistaken, this is also called paper craft – the art of creating patterns and folding paper to make 3D objects.

Developed by Pixle, a mobile and software design company based out of Warsaw, Poland, the app brings a flat sheet of paper to life.  First, you need to create your template, or you can choose from built-in figure templates. You then take your pick of the available tools which allows you to color or add features to your pattern. Again, there are built-in choices, but you always have the option to draw your own. Once you’re satisfied with the paper pattern, you can view your 3D model. And once you’re all ready to fold that flat sheet into something that actually has depth and width, you can print out your pattern.

Yes, printers do have their use in this increasingly paper-less world!

Foldify brings serious fun and draws out the creativity inside each of us. Whatever age bracket you may fall under, there is always something you can create with the app; and what I like best about the idea is that you actually get to feel, touch, and play with your creation. It takes something tangible out of the virtual world of the iPad, and I think we can all use a little more of the tangible things these days.

Check out this video, which shows you what Foldify can do.

Foldify is current on sale at 50% off at the App Store, so get it now for only $1.99!


[Image via iPhoneHeadlines]