Last weeks gaming sales numbers have revealed what could be troubling times ahead for Nintendo in the Japanese console market. The company’s new Wii U gaming system has only been on the market for several months but racked up an undersold 122,000 units, down from 133,000 devices sold the week prior.

It wasn’t just the Wii U struggling to maintain sales, Sony’s struggling PS Vita managed a measly 19,000 units, while its aging handheld device, the PSP portable console, managed 58,000 units.

Nintendo did show one shining spots for the industry as its 3DS console managed to increase sales to 433,000 units in Japan, up from 333,000 units during the prior week.

Gaming Sales Sink As Newly Released Wii U Fails To Impress


The Nintendo Wii U has some impressive franchise titles on the market, specifically the New Super Mario Brothers and Nintendo Land. However, the gaming console could end up with higher sales once more titles are released which in turn could attract a wider array of customers.

In comparing numbers against other console sales the PlayStation 3 achieved 30,000 units sold while the Microsoft Xbox 360 racked up just a few thousand units.

With Sony and Microsoft rumored to be delaying their new consoles until late 2013 or early 2014 Nintendo still has plenty of time to capitalize on its new system via the Japanese console market.

The big question now for gaming makers will be whether or not their own handheld units are sapping the life out of the console market.

Nintendo does have one advantage over its competitors, unlike Sony and Microsoft’s systems which are often sold for a loss upon release, Nintendo claims that customers only need to purchase one game with their new consoles to help the entertainment company turn a profit per user acquisition.

[Image via GameTyrant]