Back in July 2012, Google launched an experiment called The Exquisite Forest. Now, they have added a unique feature to it called, The Endless Theatre.

The Beginning

Tate Modern from London partnered with Google for this unusual art experiment. Several artists from the collection created the beginnings of short animations. The idea is that other people can join in online to add to the story or move it into a new direction. You can also start your own story with friends and create an original art piece.

Google & This Exquisite Forest

More sequences are added to allow it to continue to grow and create numerous endings. Google technology also allows users to add music to their submissions.

The Endless Theater

Now, Google has added a new way to experience the Forest. This feature allows you to view a continual stream of the animations. You can also embed the animations into your blog or on your website, which provides additional exposure for the project.

Animations such as Looking Up/Looking Down and Wine after Coffee have developed from this collaborative experiment. As Google says itself in its blog, this is something that is really only possible to this extent on the internet.

The project began with Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin and uses a variety of technical assistance such as Chrome’s HTML5 and Java Script, along with Google Cloud Storage and the Google App Engine.

In addition to the online project, there is also a six-month project at the Tate Modern Museum where people can see the project in person and contribute with tablets.

This is not the first experiment that Google has sponsored. It has also created the project 100,000 Stars, which is an interactive visualization of the galaxy. All of these experiments are designed to work best in the Google browser.

[Image via brainstorm9]