It’s that time of the year again – when cleaning up one’s computer and getting rid of unnecessary files and programs take up a considerable amount of time. Additionally, it’s a good time to check out new programs and tools that can improve one’s computing experience. Of course, extensions or plug-ins for browsers are part of this.

Google Chrome Plug-ins For Better Browsing

If you’re using Google Chrome, then hopefully, this entry can help you with your re-organizing your computer as we welcome a new year. I’ve already compiled a short list of what the best extensions for Google Chrome are, in my opinion. Let’s add several more Google Chrome plug-ins to our arsenal, shall we?


Google Chrome Plug-ins

Productivity – or the lack thereof – is one of the recurring issues workers face. Understandably, many start-of-the-year resolutions involve productivity. If you need help in this regard, StayFocused is a great tool. What it does is to block sites that distract you and force you to focus on work. Basically, you choose the sites, set a time limit, and when you reach that limit for those sites, you won’t be able to access them for the day anymore.


Truth be told, there is a glut of software that serve to remind us of tasks and chores we need to get done. The issue is really US. However, if you are always in Chrome anyway, and you want to streamline your workflow, RemindMe is a great extension to help you remember those tasks – critical or otherwise.

Google Dictionary

Google Chrome Plug-ins

A good writer always has access to a good dictionary. That may be debatable, but if you like looking up new words that you come across online, then Google Dictionary makes it easy for you to remember or discover word meanings.

All combined, these Google Chrome plug-ins will enhance your browsing experience, and hopefully contribute to a good start of the work year!

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