Microsoft had taken a big gamble on Windows 8. The new operating system would have been successful regardless but the company took it to the next level with the hype and promotion. It showed that the company was banking on the success of Windows 8 to take it into the post-PC era and capture the handheld devices market. In the two or so months since its release, Windows 8 has not exactly set the market on fire. Yet, it’s too early to pass a final verdict on Windows 8’s fate.

How Microsoft Can Give Windows 8 a Boost In 2013

Most people have said that Windows 8 has failed already but it would be 2013 which would show whether or not its fortunes can be revived. First of all, Microsoft needs to take a few steps which can help improve sales and user acceptance of Windows 8. Here are some of them:

Prove Windows RT Can Run Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 is the newest and so far the best version of the enterprise applications suite. However, the improvements cause it to take up much more disk space than before. While PC users won’t face this issue, the people using Windows 8 Phone would be apprehensive about it. Microsoft needs to show them that Windows RT has the capacity to run Office 2013 without glitches. Office 2013 is one of the key features of Windows 8 and Microsoft has to advocate it to tablet users.

Develop More Apps

It has taken Apple and Google several years to increase the number of apps available into the hundreds of thousands. Microsoft on the other hand has not been working in the arena for too long. At the same time, one cannot ignore the fact that Microsoft isn’t an up comer. It is a tech giant and is expected to produce quicker results. Hence, it would serve them better to focus on apps and develop as many as they can as quickly as possible.

Improve the Interface

Microsoft has gone the extra mile to change the user interface. In their view, it improves the user experience considerably but it takes some time getting used to. This is why some users have gotten frustrated with it as they cannot access the settings and preferences without hassle. Microsoft should find a way to change the interface without altering or modifying anything major. What they should do at least is make the Settings more accessible.

Market It Better

Microsoft has spent millions of dollars on the ads you see for Windows 8 but none of them have that X factor which convinces people to use it. They need to rethink their marketing strategy and spice up the advertisements so that they fulfill their main purpose: creating excitement for the new operating system. At present, the Windows 8 marketing campaign has failed to do that in an effective manner.

These are some steps Microsoft can take to improve Windows 8’s performance in 2013. They have to do something to ensure the new operating system doesn’t end up becoming a failure.


[Image via everythingsurface]