With more and more users focusing on Cloud storage and some computer manufacturers building their computers around online software, the need for hard drive storage is changing. And since that still costs a premium, you need to know exactly how much computer storage to buy.

How Much Computer Storage Should You Get?


For Average Users

If you are the typical home user, you will probably want to store music and photos on your hard drive. For this, you should get at least 250GB of space. This amount will hold over 30,000 normal size songs or photos. If you plan to add movies, you will need to increase that to 500GB for plenty of space.

If you want to go for an SSD, which is more durable, you will only get around the 250GB. If this is your preference, you will want to look at either an external drive or cloud storage.

For Professional Users

Whether you are an independent contractor just beginning your career or an established business owner, you will need more computer storage than the average user. Even though you may back up your files and data to an online storage website, you will also want plenty of storage space on you computer to hold your newest and most important files.

While online storage is quick and easy to access, there may be times when you do not have the ability to connect to the internet to retrieve what you need. For instance, you may be on a flight and doing some work and need to access a file. If you carry the files with you on your hard drive, you can continue working even without internet access.

It is recommended that you start with 300 GB of storage unless you are only handling administrative tasks in which case 80 GB should be fine. You can always purchase an external hard drive for additional storage until you upgrade your computer.


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