Instagram has been on one heck of a roller coaster ride in the past year, with rumors, acquisition, expansion, and most recently, the ruckus about its TOS. Once discovered, it was only a short time before the Internet rose up en masse to bash the popular photo sharing platform. And, it didn’t stop there. Within a short span, people were deleting or ignoring their Instagram accounts, looking for solace somewhere else.

Instagram alternatives


If you are still on Instagram but want to ditch it, you won’t really be lacking for options. Do know, however, that even if you delete your Instagram account, it seems that the photos you have shared on Facebook still remain. Also, it is worth noting that Instagram has pulled back its terms of service, thanks to the public outcry.

In any case, if you still feel that it’s time to say goodbye, here are some Instagram alternatives to choose from.


No, it’s not gasping for breath. While I have not updated my own account in ages, the turn of events have prompted me to check on it. With the updated apps for Flickr, it does make sense to go back to one’s old love. It looks good, and it has filters as well.


The social network that never really appealed to me, that is Path, but a lot of people seem to like it and it has received renewed attention thanks to the Instagram snafu. Available for both Android and iOS, Path is a good alternative for social creatures. It also gives you a limit of 150 connections, so privacy is under control.


I love the interface and filters of this app. It used to be a web app but is now available for both Android and iOS. It gives you a LOT of leeway in terms of tweaking your photo, and you can still share your creations on Facebook and/or Twitter.


On sale for only $0.99 right now, Camera+ is the perfect app for real photography enthusiasts. It boasts of the Clarity filter, which the makers call their secret sauce. The best reason to use this app is that it actually improves your regular camera shot.

So, don’t despair that Instagram’s messed up (somehow). Maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling you there’s more to life than Instagram.

[Image via Sheikh Da Cize]