While not everyone can afford to buy their family and friends an iPhone 5 for a holiday gift, they can afford some of these fun, stylish accessories to personalize the phone. There are gifts for fun and for practical use, and something for all ages.

SGP kuel H12 Stylus Pen

A bigger screen means you have more room to use a stylus to make taking notes easier. It also works great for playing games and other activities.  It’s a great gift for the person who uses their iPhone for business or just for having fun.

JAMBOX portable Bluetooth Speaker

For a great loud sound that is portable, the JAMBOX speaker delivers. It is small enough to fit in a bag or purse to carry everywhere, but with 85 decibels of sound to fill any size room. It can create both high and low sounds from a single speaker. It also works as a microphone for conference calls on your new iPhone. This portable speaker is the ideal solution for the person who enjoys listening to music or for business calls to suit a variety of gift recipients.

Apple TV

This accessory allows users to watch streaming video or other images on a large screen. Share photos or home videos or stream movies from the iPhone 5 to the big screen. It also streams audio to the Apple TV for a outstanding home theater experience.

Speck SmartFlex View iPhone 5 Case

Even though the iPhone 5 has classy styling of its own, it is better protected with a sturdy case. The Speck SmartFlex View case is the ideal choice because it provides dual functions. Besides working as a case, it has a kickstand that can work in both landscape and portrait mode for viewing hands-free. This is ideal for video chats or watching movies. It is available in black or lavender.

[Image via forbes.com]