Viber is the free mobile communication platform from the Israeli company.  The new version of the app, 2.3, includes additional features and works on both iPhone and Android devices and is called the “fun” app.  The question on everyone’s mind is if it is destined to be the next Skype.

New and Improved

The new version includes emoticons, stickers that can be added to text and photo messages, and an updated interface.  It allows people to share maps and they can use existing ringtones on the Viber platform.

Is Viber 2.3 a Worthy Skype Competitor?

Viber Media announced that it has 140 million followers and is adding 400,000 new people each day.  The goal of the company is to be recognized as a rival to the leader, Skype.   While it is recognized as a great communications tool for friends and family, the updated version of the app adds a bit of fun for everyone.

Who is Viber?

Viber was developed and owned by Viber Media, a VoIP and mobile messenging company that allows everyone to connect for free.  Not only are calls on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Sumbian, Bada, and Nokia S40 phones free, but text and photo messages are free.  It is used in 193 countries.

Is Viber 2.3 a Worthy Skype Competitor?


At the current rate, it is expected that Viber will exceed the 150 million user mark.  While that sounds like a lot, VoIP users will be over 1 billion by 2017, which means that Viber still has room to expand and capture more of the market.  However, Skype is not the only competition that the company has.  Tango, WhatsApp, BBM, and others are also seeking to capture their share of VoIP.  Of these, WhatsApp has been seen as the strongest competition with Viber as these startups seek to dethrone Skype as the king of VoIP.

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