If you prefer your apps to be less cluttered and more organized, you will appreciate the Listen audio manager from Linux.  It includes some nice features that will make your listening more enjoyable.


Many people just go with the default apps on their computers, but the Listen audio player is a great addition and may be worth installing to replace the more well-known choices.

Listen from Linux: A Good Audio Manager for Desktops

Besides playing your music, it also organizes it.  It allows you to manage your podcasts and gives you direct access to lyrics and Wikipedia information.

While it can be picky about which distro it will download and work with, once you have it set up, you will find several features you can enjoy.  For one thing, it has an intuitive interface.  It will create a playlist based on the songs you listen to the most and will retrieve information from Last.fm.

You also get immediate access to a lot of information about the song currently playing.  For instance, you can see the lyrics, upcoming concerts by the performer, and you can access their Wikipedia page for more information.

You can change the playlist font, sort with a variety of options, and you can drag and drop content to easily manage what is in your playlist.

You only have four menu options to make it easier to manage.  These include Help, Music, View, and Control.  Music allows you to access your files, import or export your music, and access your preferences.  You also can find your internet radio stations and podcasts.

View allows you to change what is displayed on the screen.  If you don’t want your screen cluttered up with a lot of information, you can choose Small Display that will list just the title information, menu labels, and playback buttons.

Listen also provides a fast search feature where you can type in a word and it quickly brings up all songs with that word in the title.

Listen is a great audio player option that is easy to use and well-organized.  However, limited installation options may prevent widespread use.

[Image via hatalar205.deviantart]