A Google Fiber project that spanned the entire continental United States would cost the software giant $140 billion to build. The network which is being tested in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri could theoretically be placed inside every home in America, however the company’s cash reserves of $45 billion would disappear and the organization would collect massive debt.

Speaking to the Business Insider a Goldman Sachs analyst estimated that covering half of the US population through larger urban and suburban areas would be far cheaper at $70 billion. According to the report:

“If Google devoted a quarter of its $4.5 billion annual capex to this project, it could equip 830k homes per year, or 0.7-percent of US households.”

Google Fiber Network Cost

To put Google’s numbers in perspective, Verizon paid $15 billion to build the FiOS fiber network, a high speed data setup that now cover 17 million homes in the continental United States.

Google built launched its Google Fiber project in November 2012, the relatively cheap service costs $120 per month and includes internet access and TV services to its customers. Households seeking only internet access can receive a one gigabit internet connection for just $70. Customers who chose to pay a $300 installation fee receive free 5Mbit broadband.

Google TV packages via the Google Fiber project include a 2TB DVR that is capable of recording up to eight TV channels at one time.

Google has been receiving a great reception to its new Google Fiber project since launching and the company hopes to rapidly expand its project in the future.

While $140 billion may seem like several large fortunes to spend, Google makes its money off faster and more widespread internet usage and a nationwide one gigabit fiber network would be a great way to increase the number of websites visited and the time spent browsing those websites.

Would you pay $120 for Google Fiber capabilities?

[Image via Google Fiber]