With more kids using mobile devices and e-readers becoming popular replacements for books, tablets are getting more kid-friendly content.  Amazon is getting on board with that trend by adding a new system for kids to their Kindle.  Now they are providing unlimited access to kid’s content with the Kindle Fire.

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited

The Kindle Free Time app provides accounts on the Kindle Fire and Fire HD that are child-friendly with unlimited access.  This content is geared towards kids from ages 3 to 8.  Amazon is going to prescreen everything before it adds new content to the service.

You will find all kinds of content from Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, and Sesame Workshop among others.  Children will enjoy Curious George, Dora the Explorer, and Elmo.

As further security for parents, Amazon will remove purchases that can be made through the app and any advertisements that may normally show so parents don’t end up with unexpected expenses.

New Trend

This change made by Amazon is part of a new trend that tablet makers are following to ensure that all tablets have kid-friendly content on them.  Barnes & Noble also has account settings specially designed for kids.

Experts say that this may increase sales for those tablet manufacturers for adults with kids.  More people prefer to buy a “real” tablet and share it with their kids than to spend money on the special kids’ versions.  Another benefit is that when parents upgrade, they will give their kids the old tablet so you now have two in one household. This puts Amazon in a competitive position in the tablet market.

This could spell trouble for manufacturers who specialize in children’s tablets like Vtech and LeapPad.

The cost for a special kids account is only $5 per child, which is reasonable as protection to prevent your kids from downloading adult content.

[Images via digitaltrends & paidcontent]