Path announces a new search feature in its mobile network.  This search allows users to revisit past information and it serves as a type of memory bank from other social networks.

Path is a new startup designed to work in the mobile environment, a kind of social network that can find information such as previous birthdays, friends, and more.

A Different Kind of Search

This is one area where Google will not be able to compete.  Path promotes itself as a private social network with a different level of personalization.  It allows you to search on all of your social networks to find special occasions, posts, photos, or statuses from the past.  You can search by month, place, moment, weather, season, time, emotion, holiday, and other categories.  You can even use emoticons to demonstrate emotion.

Another feature allows users to find items of interest near the user’s location; it is called Nearby.

A New Kind of Network

Path labels itself as a personal social network designed to help you share life with your family and friends.  It allows you to check in to your networks from Path and upload photos or post a blog in an all-in-one method.  Path works with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Tumblr.

This app is available on the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and Android devices.  You can share music, movies, and books with your family and friends and edit photos.  Now, with the new search feature, you can keep track of your special memories and make them easier to find.

While Path will not compete on the same level as Google, it doesn’t need to.  It’s about getting personal and recalling special moments of our lives whenever we want to.  Some people say that Path is the way social media was meant to be: close and personal.

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