There are three main types of learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners do best when information is presented so they can read/see. Auditory learners do best when they hear the information. Kinesthetic learners need touch or experience to learn best. These types can overlap in some people.


If you process information best by seeing/reading things, then you are a visual person, and you’ll love this new Gmail extension called PhilterIt. Granted, using Gmail already caters to visual people from the get go, but you probably know all too well how a flooded inbox can overwhelm even the most visual of people. How many times have you  missed an email? I don’t know about you, but this has happened to me more times than I care.

Pictures speak a thousand words

Or so the saying goes. PhilterIt capitalizes on this by organizing email messages by sender AND using logos and icons instead of subject lines.

PhilterIt: The Gmail Extension For Visual People

The power of PhilterIt is for those email senders that are not exactly spam but close. Think about the daily emails that you receive. Think of those that you do not want to mark as spam, but you don’t want to read all the time as well. I can name a few:, Pinterest, Quora, and Twitter.

PhilterIt Extension

PhilterIt Dashboard

What PhilterIt does is to allow you to select these brands – and others that you don’t deem urgent. They are then moved over to your sidebar as logos. You will then see notifications if you have new email from them via the sidebar, hopefully clearing up your inbox for the more important stuff. And for those who are finicky about screen real estate, there is an option to minimize the sidebar.

I think that “victims” of crazy inboxes where emails go to die in oblivion will benefit from this extension. I suggest giving it a try if you use Chrome. You have nothing to lose after all.

How to install PhilterIt

This video will show you how to install PhilterIt for Chrome, so that it will show as a sidebar within Gmail.

Images via PhilterIt