Pinterest seems to be picking up where Instagram left off.  After the bitter battle that has caused the separation between Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter seem to be developing a partnership that could benefit both of them.

Pinterest photos are already available on Twitter and the website has added support for the Twitter Cards.  Shared photos will be available in tweets.

Photos from Instagram also were once able to be seen on Twitter until the site disabled that option.  When someone linked to an Instagram photo, they were taken to the website instead of seeing the photo in their tweet.  Instagram disabled the integration with Twitter, but is allowing other sites to still view the images.

Some analysts wonder if this battle is partially the result of Twitter’s offer to buy Instagram being turned down in favor of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’ $1 billion deal.

Rumors also abound that Twitter may have a photo-sharing app available in the near future.  This kind of thing often happens in technology where companies form and break relationships with each other.

Since photos are such an integral part of social networking, it is expected that this kind of competition will continue.  Statistics say that more people share photos than articles or other material.

Twitter just announced a photo filter that is available on the iPhone and Android where users can edit photos right on their smartphones.  At the same time, Instagram had a new update for iOS, which includes a new camera view.  They also formed their own separate partnerships: Instagram with Foursquare and Twitter with Aviary.

With new competing products, it doesn’t look like the feud between Twitter and Instagram is going to end anytime soon.  As long as users are getting improved services from both companies, they are the ones who benefit in the end.

[Images via thetecnica & thetimes]