Expectations are high for Sprint and DISH Network to make an announcement soon for a wireless network. DISH was just approved by the FCC for the company to use its MSS S-band spectrum to build an LTE Advanced network.

DISH would most likely be looking for a partner for this plan where it would use a wireless carrier instead of building a network of its own.

A deal between Sprint and DISH could mean that the mobile virtual network operator would use the satellite spectrum and Sprint’s wireless network.  Sprint would benefit by expanding its 4G LTE network into other areas.

This deal could also help Sprint compete with larger service providers who already have their own multiscreen services.  Most experts say it will be more of an agreement than a merger, which would be more appealing to Sprint after the issue with Nextel where they are still dealing with the costs.

Sprint is also waiting for a deal from SoftBank, the expected new owners of the network service provider.  SoftBank will own 70 percent of the company and provide some much-needed cash for the deal with DISH and the rest of the purchase of Clearwire that isn’t owned by Sprint at this time.

SoftBank is a company based out of Japan and is the third-largest wireless provider in the country.  Right now, it is getting regulatory approval for the purchase.  This could breathe new life into Sprint and allow it to be more competitive with Verizon and AT&T.

A deal with DISH could also allow Sprint to sell more mobile data services to the satellite company’s customers.  DISH has over 14 million customers for their satellite service and Blockbuster customers and locations.  This merger could be a big benefit to both companies as they combine their strengths to expand on multiple levels.


[Images via news.yahoo & worldtvpc]