T-Mobile just announced that it would be getting the iPhone sometime next year. While this may not be big news for some, it is a big deal for those who have been long-time customers of the service provider.

T-Mobile and the iPhone: A Happy Match for Customers

While T-Mobile has not given details about the Apple products they will be carrying, CEO John Legere did say they would be carrying the iPhone, but will offer it differently from other carriers.

The last carrier to offer the iPhone, T-Mobile has fallen behind other service providers in terms of sales and customers in theUS. With the acquisition of Metro PCS and now the offering of Apple products, T-Mobile may be set to make a move for 2013 against the competition.

No date has been given either by Apple or T-Mobile about when the sales will begin. T-Mobile is set to have a new LTE network and it is possible that customers will not see the iPhone until after that. If that is the case, they can expect it to be in the second half of 2013 before they can get their hands on a T-Mobile iPhone.  However, if this does happen, they will be the first to offer an LTE-enabled iPhone at a low price.

Some people may be surprised to learn that a number of customers already have an iPhone with the unlocked version that Apple sells. It can be used on T-Mobile’s network, but can only use 2.5G to connect to the internet since it is incompatible with the 3G.

Legere also said that this is the final piece of the puzzle for T-Mobile to compete against other service providers. As the fourth largest provider, the company has lost customers because of not carrying the iPhone. He sees this as a way to remove the last big obstacle from T-Mobile’s competitiveness with carriers such as AT&T and Sprint.

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