Since its launch, Windows 8 has been a constant presence in the news. Microsoft’s latest operating system has both impressed and polarized users. The general perception in the industry is that it didn’t live up to its billing. Given the hype Microsoft has created, it was going to be tough to fulfill people’s expectations. That being said, one should not forget that Microsoft is a symbol of quality and has been for many years. You can purchase Windows 8 devices and check for yourself.

If you are in the mood for gadget shopping this holiday season, here are the best Windows 8 devices you should give a look.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC

The much lauded tablet which turns into a PC, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC has received rave reviews for its portability and light weight. With a long battery life and 11-inch screen, it is among the more impressive tablets available in the market at present. You can either use the touch-screen option or write and draw using Samsung’s Stylus pen. At $649, the price is steep but the quality is worth it. Not to forget you can use it like a PC as well.

best windows 8 devices

ASUS Zenbook Touch

The Zenbook Touch designed by ASUS is said to have elevated the level and standard for Windows 8 devices. It is thin enough to defy belief and has a large 15.6-inch display. With an Intel i7 processor firing it up, the device turns on faster than you can say Windows 8. All the specs and features make it a worthwhile buy though you would have to check for availability from the leading vendors.

The Best Windows 8 Devices to Buy This Holiday Season

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga is perhaps the most unusual tablet you will find in the market. Its unique design enables users to fold, bend and turn it. You can bend it on top of itself, turning your tablet into a perfectly usable laptop. The flexible design isn’t the only thing worth mentioning. With a 13-inch screen and different variations available, you can turn it into a power-packed device for yourself. You would have to spend upwards of $1,000 to get one though.

The Best Windows 8 Devices to Buy This Holiday Season

These are three high quality Windows 8 devices you can think about purchasing this holiday season. Whether you are looking to buy a device for yourself or as a gift for someone, these three fit the bill perfectly. There is no dearth of options for you!


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