YouTube is rolling out a new look for its website.  The site is more user-friendly with less clutter to appeal to its wide audience.  Since people who visit the site are looking for videos, they are front and center right under the logo for the most direct attention.

YouTube is owned by Google and offers a new layout with the most important sections at the top.  The title of the video is shown below it along with the subscription button.  Instead of gray surrounding the videos, you will see a much lighter shade.

youtube new layout

You will also see the Guide feature in the left hand corner beside the video, which can be expanded by clicking on it.  Once you subscribe to a channel, you will be alerted to new videos that they might enjoy.  It also suggests channels that they might like based on their current choices.  It will tell them what their friends are watching, too.

The New Look of YouTube

The Guide is located on apps on many different devices such as iPhone, Google TV, Android, and other products.

Millions of Viewers

Over 800 million visitors stop at YouTube to check out over 4 billion hours of video.  Users will also notice that the playlists are located on the right side of the video and social buttons under it.

The goal is to increase the number of users subscribing to their favorite channels, which will increase ad revenue.  Back in April, YouTube made changes on who was eligible to be a partner and altered the requirements.  Anyone who creates content on YouTube can become a partner with YouTube just by enabling their account and monetizing one of their videos with ads.  What affect has that change had on YouTube?  The company has gone from just 30,000 partners to over 1 million.

YouTube ranks as the second most popular search engine behind Google.


[Image via technobuffalo]