Facebook has released its list of the top 25 games for 2012 and SongPop has come out as #1.  Since Facebook reached the one billion users online mark, interest and revenue for Facebook games have surged.  The games featured in the top 25 list represent the highest rated and most popular on Facebook.com as well as the various operating systems for mobile devices.  Facebook says it uses the same system to rate the games as it does other apps.

SongPop is Facebook's Top Rated Game

SongPop is an online song-naming game.  You listen to songs from various genres and the have to guess song title and artist name.  You can brag about your results to all of your friends, as well as compete directly with them.  You can even narrow down your choices by selecting a genre to play from.

Avid fans of the game have become so competitive they contacted FreshPlanet (the creators) requesting a global leaderboard to be published. With high scores in excess of 25,000 being claimed-some fans want the creators to wade in with an official scoreboard that cannot be manipulated. Some players have also complained about the way a winner is named even when a game has resulted in a draw. Despite some minor grievances-it’s clear that SongPop really nailed the Facebook games market and earning top spot on Facebook’s top games list is the recognition FreshPlanet deserve.

Other popular games include Scramble with Friends, Clash of Clans, Draw Something, Baseball Heroes, and Chefville.  There is something for people of all ages and many games draw in both kids and adults.  As new games gain attention, they replace old favorites.

While Facebook is about interacting with friends, sharing photos and links, and sending messages, it’s also about fun.  And one of the best ways to have fun on the social media site is by playing the games alone and with friends.

[Image via wfdd]