Facebook games have changed the landscape of gaming, to the delight of some and to the irritation of many. I am not sure about the percentages, but if my Facebook news feed is any indication, there are a lot more people who declare that they do not and will not play games on the social networking site, so please stop sending them invites, else they will unfriend you.

Top Facebook Games of 2012

Then again, the popularity of Facebook games cannot be denied. With 1 billion or so active users on Facebook, it is not surprising that game developers continue to churn out their products. And Facebook is not one to ignore the benefits of capitalizing on social gaming’s potential.

Early in December, the social networking giant released a list of the top Facebook games of 2012. According to the company, the criteria used for the list revolves around the ratings given by users, as well as engagement with games.

Here are the top Facebook games of 2012.

  1. “SongPop” (by FreshPlanet, on Facebook.com, iOS and Android)
  2. “Dragon City” (by Social Point, on Facebook.com)
  3. “Bike Race” (by Top Free Games, on iOS)
  4. “Subway Surfers” (by Kiloo, on iOS and Android)
  5. “Angry Birds Friends (by Rovio, on Facebook.com)
  6. “FarmVille 2” (by Zynga, on Facebook.com)
  7. “Scramble with Friends” (by Zynga, on iOS)
  8. “Clash of Clans” (by Supercell, on iOS)
  9. “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” (by Playdom, on Facebook.com)
  10. “Draw Something” (by Zynga, on iOS and Android)
  11. “Hay Day” (by Supercell, on iOS)
  12. “Baseball Heroes” (by Syntasia, on Facebook.com)
  13. “ChefVille” (by Zynga, on Facebook.com)
  14. “CSR Racing” (by NaturalMotion Games, on iOS)
  15. “Candy Crush Saga” (by King.com, on Facebook.com and iOS)
  16. “Matching With Friends” (by Zynga, on Facebook.com)
  17. “Legend Online” (by Oasis Games, on Facebook.com)
  18. “Jurassic Park Builder” (by Ludia, on Facebook.com)
  19. “Dungeon Rampage” (by Rebel Entertainment, on Facebook.com)
  20. “Pockie Ninja II Social” (by NGames Ltd., on Facebook.com)
  21. “Jetpack Joyride” (by Halfbrick, on Facebook.com)
  22. “Social Empires” (by Social Point, on Facebook.com and iOS)
  23. “Bil ve Fethet” (by Peak Games, on Facebook.com)
  24. “Ruby Blast Adventures” (by Zynga, on Facebook.com and iOS)
  25. “Pyramid Solitaire Saga” (by King.com, on Facebook.com)

For active Facebook gamers, the names on the list probably do not come as a surprise. What is more interesting, though, is the fact that the games represent a diverse collection. We still see Zynga a lot, but as Facebook said, the list covers many companies from different parts of the world. Not quite a monopoly here.

Do you play games on Facebook regularly? Do you agree with the list of top Facebook games of 2012?

[Image via games.com]