That is always the question when you get close to the end of a year.  You begin to wonder where the big technology companies are going to focus their energies and their money.  With the increase in competition from Google and Microsoft, many people are watching Apple even more closely than usual.  They want to know what the tech giant is going to do to win back its market share.  Here are some predictions for the coming year.

Apple TV

This has been a big rumor for some time with Apple.  Even before the iPad and the iPhone, speculation has been strong that Apple would enter the TV market.  However, it is looking more likely that something big will happen and 2013 could be the year.  There doesn’t seem to be much agreement on what kind of product Apple would create.  It already has its own set-top box to sue with Apple’s digital store, but you might expect a new version with better ways to control TV functions and increase viewing of TV programming.

Where is Apple Headed in 2013?


This is a more realistic prediction for Apple, but it is another rumor that has been around for several years.  Talk has been made about a subscription music service much like Pandora, but has not progressed into anything definite.  It has added new features to iTunes to allow users to get their own music whenever they want with iCloud.

Apple Maps

This was a big deal for 2012 that turned into an embarrassing disaster.  However, Apple is working on major improvements, including hiring more staff.  If the company can make progress, it could be an important app for new devices going forward.

As always, expert analysts have their take on where Apple should and could focus their attention.  Wristwatches have even been mentioned along with the Apple TV as two of the most incredible options for the company.  One thing is for certain, the company will be working to get back that market share from competitors in whatever way it feels has the most potential.


[Images via digitaltrendsguardian]