The iPad mini was one of the few new Apple products not to have the popular Retina display.  However, rumors have been going around that it will be getting an update with the next version.


The current iPad mini has a lower resolution than other tablets but a higher price point.  For instance, the iPad mini has a resolution of 1024 x 768 while the Google Nexus 7 has 1280 x 800 and the Nook HD from Barnes and Noble boasts a resolution of 1440 x 900.

Will the New iPad Mini Have Retina?

If the iPad mini were less expensive than it is, the lack of a Retina display wouldn’t be such a big deal.  However, it is competing against other tablets with a higher resolution and a lower price.  The iPad mini has still been selling well regardless of what is lacking and has exceeded many expectations.

Besides a Retina display, there are also predictions of other improvements.  This includes being lighter in weight with an upgraded processor.  The rear camera may also have better resolution.

No word has been given about when the update will happen, but that may depend on what other companies bring out.  With the improvement in other devices such as Google’s Nexus and Samsung products, Apple may have an accelerated time schedule for new releases.  It could have a new release as early as the spring; however, many experts predict a possible fall releases since it is a popular product for gifts.

Competition may be fiercer with more companies creating stronger products.  However, Apple has proven to be able to handle the competition as it maintains its role as leader in both the smartphone and tablet industry.  A Retina display may make the iPad mini even more popular as the device Steve Jobs never intended to produce.

[Image via primomag]