Google recently acquired Motorola and the two companies are collaborating on a phone with the codename the “X Phone.”

Google bought the company back in May to help it compete against Samsung and Apple. Motorola will use Viewdle to enhance the X phone, which is an imaging and gesture-recognition software development company. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new phone will be available sometime in 2013.

Will the X Phone Help Google Motorola Compete?


According to insiders, Google has run into problems with manufacturing and other issues that may cause it to change some of the original plans. One such plan may be the bendable screen that has been talked about from various companies in the last couple of years.

One of the issues that Google will have to face if a phone is released is its relationship with other companies that use the Android system, such as Samsung. Samsung is currently the number one smartphone maker thanks in part to Google.

Motorola’s chief executive, Dennis Woodside has been quoted to say that the new phone will be something very different from what is currently available. He also stated that only one billion of the population of five billion people owns a smartphone, which is room for growth.

Two features that may find their way into the new phone include better color saturation for photos and panoramic images.

Motorola has struggled with market share in recent years, but the bigger budget of Google could provide a way for the company to offer something of interest to users that will get it back on top.

This move has been seen as controversial by many experts who are afraid that Google may isolate its partners. However, Motorola states that it is operating separately from Google in order to prevent the appearance of getting preferential treatment. Motorola is also planning to stop making devices in some countries to allow it to better focus on the larger markets.

An X tablet may also be in the works for release after the phone.

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