Everyone loves receiving free things, even if, in general, we are aware of the adage “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. There are ways to find and receive free things, though, and maybe that adage just applies to the whole span of our lives, with things averaging out in the end.

Find free stuff online

No matter, because online at least, there is a platform which does help people find free stuff, and vice versa.

Called Yerdle, the platform is all about giving things that you don’t need or want anymore. It is also about getting things that you may need or want and others deem useless. One man’s trash, another man’s treasure, so they say.

Users basically start out by posting items that they want to give away. They can also post requests about things that they need, to which others can respond.

Sharing between friends

Of course, the issue of privacy and security will come up at some point, so let’s take a look at that now. One thing about Yerdle is that it operates on a “friends basis”. Finding, giving, and receiving free stuff online is only facilitated between Yerdle friends or contacts. This means you have some degree of control as to who sees what you are giving away.

“Want back” option

Yerdle is not only about giving things away. You can also specify that you are only loaning out an item. This way, your friends can still make good use of whatever thing you are willing to share but want to get back at some point. Of course, it is up to you if you want to lend to friends who have a track record of keeping what has been borrowed!

Where to access Yerdle

You can use Yerdle via their web interface, or you can download the iOS app for free. By the way, Yerdle relies on Facebook for authentication, so you might also want to invite your Facebook friends (the real kind) to join the new platform for a better experience.

[Image via Yerdle]