Amazon is now offering free digital versions of any CD bought since 1998 through the company. Amazon AutoRip allows users to access audio copies of CDs or MP3 selections on the Amazon Cloud Player.

Gifts are not eligible for this service but that only applies if you marked the box during checkout that asks the question. Otherwise, you will find digital copies in your cloud player of everything you have bought during the last 15 years.

Amazon Provides Free Digital Downloads of CDs

Changes to Copyright Laws

Because of the changes to laws regarding copyrighted material, Amazon is now free to store music for its customers whether they want it or not. Of course, the company is hoping that most customers will want the service and keep them coming back to Amazon for future music purchases.

This allows Amazon to compete more effectively with iTunes from Apple and Google Play. Those two companies also store music files in the cloud.

This new service is an extension of the music service that Amazon has added to scan all of your music from your computer and store on the cloud.

Amazon Provides Free Digital Downloads of CDs

The Amazon Cloud Player gives you space for storage of up to 250 songs for free. You can store up to 250,000 more at just $25 per year. The free digital downloads do not count against your 250 song limit.


Not only can music buyers get the free downloads of purchases they made in the past, this will be included on all music going forward that features the AutoRip logo. This includes over 50,000 CDs and features popular choices from every label. Right now, the service is only available for the American music audience.

The service makes it easier for fans to listen to their favorite songs in various formats without the task of converting them on their own for use on mp3 players and other devices. Now you can purchase a CD and listen to it in your car or home stereo, then add it to your playlist on your mp3 player or smartphone.