The newest analysis from Forrester Research suggests that Apple, Inc. will sell more than $39 billion in Macs and iPads in 2014.

Company analysts believe Apple will push through $7 billion in Mac sales and $11 billion in iPad sales in 2013, followed by a $1 billion increase for Mac sales in 2014 and a $2 billion increase for iPads.

The study, compiled by Forrester Analyst Andrew Bartels suggests that more employees are requesting Apple products in place of traditional Microsoft offerings. Many employees are also seeking easier to transport tablet devices in place of traditional laptops which has led to an increase in business demand for Apple iPad devices.

Apple To Sell $39 Billion in Macs And iPads To Businesses Through 2014

As more business users move towards iPad based devices their connectivity with Apple’s Mac product makes users push harder for Mac desktops in the office place.

Throw in the fact that more businesses are turning towards cloud computing, including Google Docs, Secured Cloud Storage and programs such as Google Apps for email and collaboration and its easy to see why changing from PC to Mac is becoming easier than ever before. No longer are businesses held hostage by Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

The shift for businesses is also being helped along by Apple’s improved iWork suite which is rumored to have begun integration with VMware Horizon to create a virtual office environment.

Bartels also notes that Linux and Android tablets are seeing corporate growth, specifically Samsung tablets with Google Android which still have a “low base” but a “high growth rate” in terms of business sales.

The biggest challenge for Apple might be convincing businesses that their devices, offered at a premium price, make sense logistically against cheaper and just as competent Google Android devices which offer more processor, memory and other hardware options.

Do you think Apple will reach its Macs and iPad sales levels through the end of 2014?

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