Couch potatoes can get even lazier with the new black box from Asus, the Qube. In addition to offering Google TV, it comes with a smart remote control which you can use through voice command and motion. With the motion control, you can easily start up the apps or select any of the channels you want to watch. Moreover, the remote has a QWERTY keyboard which makes navigation much simpler than when using Netflix on your TV set.

Asus Qube to Offer Motion Control and Google TV Streaming

Yet, the most striking feature of the remote control is the access you can gain through an Android device. If you have a tablet or smartphone which runs on Android, you don’t even need to have the remote in hand to flip the channels or start up an app. The Qube interface runs on Android 3.2 and offers greater customization with apps and other features. To control the remote via your tablet or smartphone, you would have to download the Mobile Remote app available on the Google Play store.

Among the major features that users get to enjoy is arranging the apps they have downloaded as per their preference. They can create a cube including the apps they want to access at any given time. This makes moving between apps much easier than ever. Furthermore, there is the customary picture-in-picture option should you want to view two or more channels at once. You can also use Google’s browser, the Google Chrome.

With the new motion control features in the Asus Qube, one could easily overlook the other offerings. Most significant is that you can stream Google TV on your television set without any hassle. Google TV has a huge offering of entertainment options when it comes to TV shows and movies. You can watch up to 100,000 of them, enough content for a lifetime one can assume. With YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go and other services on offer, you will have enough options to stay entertained.

And that’s not all! You also get access to a huge number of apps and games to keep you amused when you don’t want to watch TV or a movie. In short, Asus Qube seems to be an effective solution to spice up your TV viewing experience. Asus has also announced that users would get up to 50GB of data storage but the prices for that have not been revealed as yet. Till then, users can make do with motion control and Google TV.

[Image via gizmodo]