The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas starts on January 8 and everyone expects it to be a success. Space is filled and the CEO, Gary Shapiro, expects excellent attendance.

Wireless Will Be On Display

Wireless companies have become a bigger deal at the show, and it’s not just for smartphones.  Wireless technology and networks will be able to do more than just power smartphones.  This year’s CES will show some of the potential.

CES 2013: Tomorrow's Technology


Smartphones do so much more than make calls; in fact, phone calls are way down on the priority list for on these devices.  They text, get email, connect to social media, and allow users to surf the Web.  They also can be used to send medical information to your doctor and are used to pay for things.  These uses will expand and become more widespread.

You can also expect that the smartphone will allow us to get into work or a gym as identification.  There is even a plan to use it to start our cars.

What Will Be at CES 2013

There are going to be all kinds of exciting innovations at this year’s show.  The latest, greatest TVs will be on display, the newest innovations with automobiles will be there with demos.  Imagine having a car that wakes you up when you start to doze off.

Health and fitness are always big areas at the show.  You’ll see the latest technology to connect with your doctor in real time.  New gadgets and apps to help you with fitness will also be available to see.

Of course, you can expect to see the latest mobile apps and there should be plenty to view at this year’s show since mobile has become so popular.  You’ll find apps for fun and ones to help make life easier.

You can also expect to see the latest in products for 3D printing.  This is an area that is new and taking off with a storm, so there will be plenty of new innovations to see at the show.

Any new technology for smartphones will be on display at CES, including bendable screens and the latest in design.  The same can be said for tablets and PCs.

This is the first in a number of shows to demonstrate where technology is headed.  This show focuses on consumer technology and what you can expect to see on the market in the future.

[Image via gamersxtreme]