Remember your landline, and the days of the home phone?  Though everyone in your family may now have a smart phone, the landline may be making a comeback, with aptly named Home Phone.  Designed by UrbanHello, a French husband and wife team, the Home Phone is a smartphone created for family usage.

UrbanHello launched their campaign after winning the “Innovations Award” at CES 2013 inLas Vegas.  Though the Home Phone may be making waves in the tech community, keep in mind they aren’t electromagnetic waves.  According to UrbanHello, when the Home Phone is used in hands free mode, electromagnetic wave exposure is reduced by 99 percent.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of the Home Phone is the hands free mode.  Designed for intuitive interaction, the Home Phone automatically activates the 360 degree loudspeaker with High Definition sound, when placed on a surface, allowing for shared conversations.

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It also purports to have 50 percent more autonomous talk time compared to other phones currently available on the market.  As with most house phones, the Home Phone charges on its base; however, it is capable of sustaining more than 8 days on standby.  In keeping with its modern look, the keypad is hidden on the bottom of the device, and is simply designed, with only one function per button.

Other features include separate OLED displays at the top and bottom of the handset. The displays are activated only during phone usage, in order to reduce power consumption.   The Home Phone also stores up to 20 contacts and displays caller ID on both screens.

The HomePhone comes with a connector that allows the user to plug it in to a landline.  The minimalist design of the phone is sleek enough to be an attractive feature in any room of the home, and is available in Smart Metal, Red, Green and Blue.

[Images via engadget & shasou]