Disney, in conjunction with Pixar Studios, seeks to inspire creativity with the new game Disney Infinity. In ways similar to Activision’s Skylanders, the game brings physical toys into new worlds to explore, and play. It also allows you to combine multiple Disney characters into a mutual world to play together.

The first three of the many new characters to come, will be Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean, Sulley of Monsters University, and Mr. Incredible of The Incredibles. The possibilities of creating your worlds and their surrounding are limitless. The connected characters are used to explore Play Sets, unravel puzzles, fight villains, and fulfill missions. This application allows for choice and chance to create a vast array of virtual worlds, and the opportunity to blend different Disney characters into one game/story plot.

Toy Box Mode

Although there are numerous options for personalizing the existing game worlds, in Toy Box mode, you become the creator. Reminiscent of Minecraft, this mode allows you to play with any of the characters, drop in objects, create obstacles, and build anything your mind could imagine. Disney intends to let users upload their creations and share with other players. You will be able to play in and expand on other players games and experience their fantasy world, as well as build your own.

Disney Infinity Inspires Creativity

More than just a Console Game

Disney Infinity which has been developed by Avalanche Software will be compatible with the Wii, Wii U, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. However, even if you do not own a game console, you will not be left out. Currently, only iOS support has been confirmed, but Disney is continuously invested in supporting Android and other mobile platforms.

This game has an anticipated retail price of $75 and Disney plans on releasing this product to the public in June 28, 2013. Experience endless possibilities with Disney Infinity!

[Images via game & dualshockers]