How did you react when you were first introduced to Facebook Timeline? Were you among the many that were resistant to the change? Facebook and the internet world in general, are all about change. It continuously evolves as technology dictates and the cyberspace community demands. And now it has started to change once again.

Timeline will now be easier to navigate with a few additional features.

Facebook has begun rolling out a renewed version of Timeline, featuring a wider, single column on the left, with the main focus set on status updates and messages. The single column will create a better organized and easily accessible Timeline, since you will no longer have two columns to search through, simultaneously. The right column will still contain your recent activities, friends, and photos, but will be slightly smaller, to make up for the larger column on the left. The new Timeline will also include a new menu that will allow you to access your friends, photos, and information about you, individually from smaller tabs, so there will no longer be large boxes crowding your Timeline heading.  The More tab will link to a map, music, movies, TV shows, books, and other regularly used applications such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Spotify. Removal of your relationship status from the header is another minute change, however it can still be seen in your basic information, by clicking on your about tab.

Facebook Rolls Out New Single Column Timeline

The new Timeline layout has now emerged in New Zealand, where Facebook usually tests their new features before releasing them to the entire Facebook community.

Will this Facebook adjustment be as controversial as the last?

Changes can take many people, some time to adjust to. However, as technology constantly advances at an alarming rate, change is inevitable. And, more often than not, change is good. How do you feel about Facebook transitioning again? Will Timeline’s new design be the change that everyone was hoping for, or will it only be met with more controversy?

Facebook Rolls Out New Single Column Timeline

[Images via allfacebook & disruptmg]