The Apple Calendar comes with many great features.  It offers the ability to make multiple calendars, has a great search function, and generally offers the basic tools one needs from a calendar.  However, if you are looking for more than the basics, look no further than Fantastical.  A new Mac app by Flexibits, Fantastical works with Apple’s Calendar to provide additional offerings for the user, including artificial intelligence features.

Fantastical offers this in an easy to use format, with a user friendly set up.  Fantastical works by accessing your Internet Accounts Access Group, in order to maintain your calendar.  It also has the option to load automatically when you log on to your computer.  Once installed, Fantastical is quickly accessed by simply clicking its icon on the Apple menu bar.

Events and reminders are created by typing them into a box above the monthly calendar, which is located at the top of the Fantastical window.  Perhaps the most interesting and useful feature of Fantastical is its ability to work with the natural language of the user.  With Fantastical, the user does not have to methodically record the information into the individual fields.  Instead, Fantastical will “read” the information from your typed statement and create a new record with the appropriate fields completed.   You just type in your plans, and Fantastical will record the information and create an event in your calendar database accordingly.

Additionally, the calendar database is searchable by typing the search work into the box by the event field.  You can also send invites to your events, as Fantastical is synched with your contact application on your Mac when it is installed.  Therefore, when you type a name into an event, a pull down menu will appear next to the name and email address for the contact, allowing you to send the invite.

Natural language options and easy set up are just some of the many features that make Fantastical a great application for increasing the productivity of your Apple Calendar.

[Image via  theverge]