Flipboard has created a brand new version for tablets of its popular app.  For those who are not familiar with the app, it provides a single place for all of your news, website feeds, and social media.

Your Twitter news feed is added into the app, including small portions of any linking articles.  It does this by splitting the screen so you have access to the tweet and portions of the linked article right on the same screen.

Flipboard for Tablets

You also get major news sources such as The New York Times included on Flipboard. However, you do have to click one step further to get the article.  The first page only shows you the headers and a few snippets, but it should be enough to help you decide if it is of interest for you to read further.

You can tag your Flipboard content for reading later or cross with services such as Pocket that are designed to allow you to read web pages at a later time.

Another benefit of using Flipboard is that many of your major social networks can all be read in one place.  This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. You can search for items of particular interest across all of the networks right from Flipboard.

Flipboard for Tablets

Image collections such as Fotopedia are also integrated into Flipboard.  If you create an account with Flipboard, it integrates your chosen sites across all mobile devices.  Interestingly enough, there isn’t a version for your PC.

The new tablet version of Flipboard is a great addition for the site since the phone app didn’t work well on tablets and often had incorrect text formatting, making it difficult to read.  This new version makes Flipboard even easier for users to keep up with all of their important information.  This promises to become a popular app for anyone who likes to be organized and doesn’t want to miss out on the news and important items from their social networks.


[Images via pocketdroid & wired]