As the web becomes increasingly more accessible to the masses Google is making its use more accessible for everyone. On Monday Google announced the release of Google Chrome Beta 25, the newest iteration of its popular web browser.

With the release of Google Chrome Beta 25 Google has added a new Web Speech API for developers. The new API allows users to control the browser, interact with web apps and even dictate text through a built-in speech recognition system.

Already available in the Chrome Beta Channel the new Web Speech API allows developers to integrate Google’s best in class speech recognition with their own apps, creating an even more fluid experience for voice using web users.

Google Chrome Beta 25 Browser

Announced on the Google Chrome blog the new voice commands extend beyond basic search functions. In fact Google listed “browser controls” and “freestyle rap battles” as just a few of the possibilities that can be achieved with the Web Speech API.

Google notes that the Beta 25 version of Google Chrome will disable some already present extensions on Windows machines that may have been installed by third party programs without the acknowledgement of the user.

With a heavier emphasis being placed on security standards and accessibility reaching an all-time high, Google is once again proving why its Google Chrome browser is one of the most admired in the industry.

If you simply can’t wait to get your hands on the Google Chrome Beta 25 web browser you can check it out on the Google Chrome Beta page.

The only new application at this time is the Web Speech API which was recently demo’d by Google.

Google Chrome beta testers have been quick to test and help release stable versions of Google Chrome which should lend itself to a quick release for Google Chrome Beta 25.

What value do you see in a fully accessible Web Speech API for Google Chrome?

[Image via Softpedia]