When establishing an office for business purposes, everyone knows that the location and other factors surrounding the locality are factors that can have a positive or negative effect on your business and the traffic it generates. If an office is located in a poor location, the management could not only see little trickles of business but they might also find it difficult to retain and attract good employees.

However, when large organizations like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google etc, take up an office in a locality the affects of location and other factors are greatly magnified and the companies can spend an insane amount of time when picking a new location. However, when people learn such things like the recent news that Google established its R&D facility in Krakow, Poland, it is hard to envision if there was any beneficial reason behind the move or if it was just a crazy quirk of the company.

Luckily, there were many factors that influenced Google’s decision to move to Poland. Apart from the fact that Poland not only has the most flourishing economy among the European Nations and was among the rare few that did not suffer from any economic crisis faced in the late 2000’s recession.

Initially stuck between a decision to choose from Krakow or Warsaw, Google finally chose Krakow over Warsaw because of little factors which pointed towards strong business development as well as a promise of providing opportunities that increase and expands Google’s talent pool. The promising locality of Krakow saw the traffic from foreign and local tourists which multiplied the amount of talent available.

Since the nature of Google’s new office is related to engineering, the factor that the city houses the best universities, five of which are related to technical fields was an added bonus since it provided Google with the perfect opportunity to nab fresh Polish engineers that are well reputed and highly desired all over the world. With such a resource available right at their door step, Google’s decision to make have an office in Poland cannot be seen as a quirk.

Google's R&D Facility in Krakow

With the solid and reliable economy and a vast talent pool as well as exposure received through different audiences via the tourists that come to Poland all year round, the new Google R&D facility is definitely established in a prime location. Coupled with the classic medieval atmosphere, the mixed workforce of Germans, Americans and Polish etc, Google has chosen a location that is not only a culturally diverse hot bed but an economically sound one as well.


[Images via cdn-static.zdnet & pixfunpix]