With the highly anticipated iPhone 5 launch done and dusted, it is only natural that smartphone junkies are already discussing their next hit of technology and the most sought after features for the iPhone 6.

The revamped 7.6mm thin aluminium-clad iPhone 5, complete with larger display and a faster chip, a nano-SIM, new multi-featured smaller camera and integrated touch technology, has a lot to offer – but what more are consumers hoping for?

iPhone 6's Most Wanted Features

Looking ahead to Apple’s next iPhone instalment some users speak of the desire for a wider colour spectrum and hope that Apple will allow a choice of up to eight shades.

Aesthetics aside, users crave more and more memory. Although most people think 64GB is enough, plenty would find the need to justify the 128GB version – or even an expandable memory option would suffice. Even if the consequence is a hefty price tag, there is no doubt many would pay.

It goes without saying that better 3D images and a faster processor are going to be high on the hit list, and although plenty of people are after a wider and taller screen, some still want a smaller more compact option.

Although Siri, the built-in voice-control feature, has come a long way since the iPhone 4S, many users are looking for a full-on ‘digital assistant’ that never says no or asks for a repeat.

The Biometric Security on phones idea does not seem to have been forgotten. This involves a James Bond-style swipe of your fingerprint to unlock your phone, give access to travel tickets or bring up bank transactions. Sure it is not an essential, but it would be fun.

A regular bugbear among all phone users has got to be battery life. Yes it has improved over time and there are inductive wireless options, but only once you have bought a separate charging case and a charging mat for the device. Surely the iPhone 6 can provide a longer battery life or even include an inductive-charging chip built into the phone?

Whether it is homes, cars, tablets or phones, people are fans of customization. There are plenty of such options available on the Android, but some say Apple need to work on this personalized aspect of the iPhone to give users better access to their most used apps and useful information.

According to Jefferies & Company analyst Peter Misek, the iPhone 6 (if the iPhone 5S does not pip it to the post), could feature a super HD camera/screen, a 128GB internal memory capacity and bar code replacement technology (near-field communication technology), that enables the iPhone to act as a payment device to take better advantage of Passbook.


[Image via ibtimes]