Leap Motion created an innovative technology for gestures and is now bundling the Leap device and apps with Asus computers.

The Leap device will be seen in high-end laptops and include the app store.  Other deals may be in store in the future for the company with other computer manufacturers or even smartphones. Since the cameras are so tiny, they can fit almost any form factor.

The Leap is planned for release sometime in the early part of this year along with the app store.

A New Vision

The vision for the Leap was that it would be used in various industries such as design, engineering, and architecture. However, other projects have been mentioned, including the translation of sign language. Other suggestions have included driving cars and flying planes.  In fact, over 10,000 of the devices are going to developers to see what they can do with it.  More than 40,000 developers have applied to get in on the Leap program.

Leap Motion has given a breakdown of what developers want to do with the Leap. The largest percentage want it for gaming applications at 14 percent. Another 12 percent plan to use it for music or video, others for art and design, and another group is interested in it for science and medicine. Six percent see it for use with robotics.

The Leap

The Leap has a 150-degree field of view where it can see hands and all of the fingers for super precise motion control. It captures them at 290 frames per second for this precision.

Leap Motion Brings 3D Motion and Gestures to Asus


The Leap is designed to make using the computer even easier than with the touchscreen, which is easier than the old-fashioned keyboard and mouse.  Could touchscreens become outdated just when they started being used?  Leap Motion thinks so and it will be interesting to see what other computer manufacturers agree.

[Images via wired & highsnobiety]