LG Electronics Inc just started taking pre-orders for the first OLED TV. These televisions use technology that promises the clearest images yet on super-thin screens.

They start with 55-inch TVs at a price tag of $10,335 and will be delivered to buyers in South Korea, the home of the company.  North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia will get them sometime by the end of March.

Both LG and Samsung said they were the future of TV and had promised to have them ready for consumers by the end of 2012. However, manufacturing challenges delayed the release dates for both companies.

LG gets the title of the first company to make the OLED TVs, but that is more symbolic than anything because the first sales will probably be small, especially with the price tag.

Samsung has not given a release date for its OLEDs, but has said it is more concerned with making the best product possible rather than a precise launch date.

This new technology promises to be an expensive endeavor for all companies who attempt to compete.  It requires upgraded factories, which can cost billions.

OLED displays are organic light-emitting diodes and make it possible to manufacture on even thinner screens than before. They are also energy-efficient and provide sharper contrast and deeper color saturation.

Sony was the first company to demonstrate the original OLED TV on an 11-inch display. However, it failed to advance the design to manufacture mass products. It has been said that only two companies in the world have the means currently to manufacture these televisions: LG and Samsung. However, you can be sure the rest of the world is watching to see what happens and determine if this is something to invest in or pass on as the two South Korea companies attempt to capture the market early.

[Images via side3 & engadget]