A security company has designed a robotic entrance similar to a revolving door to protect the building from attackers. This could be a major advance to preventing mass casualties in public areas.

Barbecan Security Systems recently received a patent on their Linear Revolving Door. This door has two parts, one that moves in front of you and one that moves behind as you walk through an entrance. It moves at the speed of the pedestrian and stops when the person stops to make it safe for use. The job of this system is to detect any threats, such as bombs or weapons.

So, what happens if you are carrying something? These doors are supposed to move in the opposite direction to push you out of the building.

You can stack multiples side by side for busy areas and reverse the direction when traffic flow changes. This is an automated system that required no human intervention and it allows for a continual flow of traffic as the doors move seamlessly in line for the next person walking through.

For a complete demonstration of how the device works, you can visit their website and it shows you constant moving traffic. The one difference is that it is open so you can see the mechanism, but in actuality it would be closed to prevent passing of weapons to someone already on the inside.

The company believes in its device. In fact, according to a press release, the statement was made that Newtown could have been prevented with a device such as this.

Barbecan has filed for patents in both the US and internationally and says the device can be used in many public areas, including schools, malls, hotels, airports, and banks.

After events of recent years, a system like this could be popular with many people.

[Image via theepochtimes]