Among the market for operating systems, users find little options at their fingertips particularly for laptops and net books. However, the launch of Fuduntu introduced a new and fun operating system that incorporated all the properties of the Fedora Linux and the Ubuntu Linux.

Although mainly designed to function for laptops and net books, the usability and multi-purpose nature of the operating system makes it easily compatible with PC’s as well. This quality enables Fuduntu to function as a general operating system.

Linux Fuduntu 2013.1 Offer Steam and Netflix Support

Launched in 2010, the operating system is still a baby among the other operating systems available to users but with a dedicated Linux team providing updates, users can find that the Fuduntu is capable of performing and competing with older operating systems.

Over the past 3 years that the operating system has been made available to consumers, the Fuduntu has undergone 20 updates, spread over 2010 -2012. These upgrades have allowed the new operating system to support and function with programs that include Adobe Flash, Chromium, and Prism etc and come at par with the other operating systems.

With the help of these updates, Linux has been able to offer users an impressive array of programs such as the Adobe Flash, GIMP for photo editing purposes the Libre Office for documents and presentations as well as VLC and MP3 play back for all audio visual functions. The added addition of the Chromium 23 with the pre-programmed search engine DuckDuckGo and a smooth user interface resembling the GNOME 2 and which incorporates the ever popular Mac- like Cairo Dock, make up the default settings and programs of the Fuduntu.

This wide array of programs available in the default settings is sure to leave the consumer satisfied and Linux has also provided an impressive repository of add-ons and updates with which the Fuduntu can be customized to meet everyone’s needs.

However, with the New Year coming around, the little operating system has experienced its 21st upgrade by launching a new version called the Fuduntu 2013.1. The new upgrade finally provides consumers with the necessary support to launch and enjoy Netflix and Steam.

The Netflix update was a popular move and done with the help of a new patch that enables Silver Light to function. The update was well received by consumers who had been eyeing Linux’s operating system for a while but were not willing to part with their Netflix streaming addiction.

Due to the fact that the Fuduntu was developed particularly for laptops and net books, the battery consumption tweaks which enhance the battery life of the net book or laptop makes it easier for users of Fuduntu to enjoy Netflix and not worry about the battery draining out.

However, Netflix support is not the only update. Catering to the desktop gamers, Linux has made it easier for them to switch to Fuduntu by providing them with the Steam Client that can support their desktop gaming needs as well.

With an already impressive repository of updates and add-ons, the Fuduntu Linux has vastly increased its target audience.


[Image via fuduntu]