Swipp is a tool that tracks people’s opinions on everything from the latest iPhone to tax debt. Now you can find out if more people agree with you or if you stand out from the crowd.

Only available right now when you log in to Facebook, this tool could change a lot of things in the future. Businesses could use it to determine their marketing strategy and politicians could look at it to see which initiatives are popular and which ones get negative attention.

Using Swipp

The best thing about Swipp for users is how simple it is. All you have to do is enter a rating between -5 and +5. You can also add comments, which are then added to the total score of the topic.

You can then see what the overall score is according to country and demographics. It also lets you know the trend and gender percentage. This can provide a lot of information to interested parties.

Another fun way to use the score in Swipp is to filter it by friends instead of looking at results for the whole world. You can see what is being swipped by searching for topics that you are interested in.

It’s also easy to create a Swipp on anything where you want to know others’ opinions. The founder of the app sees it being used in real-time competitions where people’s opinions can be known while the event is going on.  It can also benefit shopping sites acting like a review on products or even the entire store.

The Super Bowl

People can get their first look at Swipp for a big event with this year’s Super Bowl. The app will be called the Swipper Bowl and allows users to Swipp the individual players along with the teams; they can also give their opinions on the commercials.  This will give the developers an idea of how popular and beneficial this app might be.

What would you like to Swipp?

[Image via thenextweb]