Currently the best selling and number one rated Major League Baseball video game, MLB: The Show has been hard at work perfecting the game’s changes and new features. MLB: The Show 13 is set to be released on March 5th.

Game Players Select New Cover Athlete

Online votes from Twitter and Facebook have chosen Pittsburgh Pirate, Andrew McCutchen as the new cover athlete for the game. McCutchen (theCUTCH22) tweeted, “It really is a dream come true to be on the cover of a video game, but even more, I wanted this for Pittsburgh, a city that has supported us through some rough times.” The fan favorite beat out some stiff competition, including Ryan Braun, CC Sabathia, Buster Posey, Matt Kemp, Bryce Harper and even Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera.

MLB: The Show 13 - Let's Play Ball


Beginner’s Mode

Due to player disapproval of the games hitting and pitching difficulty, SCEA San Diego Studios have designed a new, optional beginner’s mode. While playing in this mode, all other aspects of the game will be stripped away, leaving the focus solely on hitting and pitching, to help the player perfect these aspects of the game. The game will automatically gain difficulty as the player improves. Once the player gains their perfected hitting and pitching skills, they will graduate to Rookie, and begin to play the game in full.

New Cross-Platform Feature

MLB: The Show 12 introduced an online batting competition option for experienced game enthusiasts. The Home Run Derby, available for PS3, will now also be accessible on Vita handheld devices, allowing 8 players to bat simultaneously in a cross platform. Once the ball is hit, the trajectories of all 8 balls will be tracked by colored trails, creating a rainbow effect. The on-screen real time leader board follows the progress of each player, helping you keep track of your major league stats. The online gaming cross-platform capability allows former athletes, and gamers to indulge their competitive cravings while taking on their friends and other proven gamers.
With today’s competitive video game market, will MLB: The Show 13 be the best virtual baseball ever?

[Images via stack & joystiq]