Photo apps with filters and other editing features have enabled the average person to concoct creations worthy of a professional photographer. Well, maybe not exactly, but there is no denying that these apps have skyrocketed in popularity. And while it is not necessarily always applicable, photography enthusiasts also have a penchant for video apps that can make their lives easier.

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One newcomer to the video app scene is Montaj, a free iPhone app which “gives you the ability to quickly turn ordinary moments into amazing video.” A somewhat generic description – generated by the creators of the app themselves – but it does leave a lot of possibilities open.

What makes Montaj noteworthy?

Truth be told, there is no lack of video apps out there – much like photo apps. People want to document their lives and create media pieces that they want to share with the world – or at least, their world. So why should we sit up and take notice of the newcomer?

One distinctive feature of Montaj is that it breaks down videos into five-second clips. These clips are used to create storyboards to create the final video. There is no going around this breakdown – the app forces you to do it.

Users can also select songs/music and filters to apply to the the clips. You can either select these manually, or you can simply shake your phone to randomly assign a song or filter. Think Google’s “I’m feeling lucky”  button mashed up with the iPod’s “shake to select new song”.

Montaj: The Video App For Those Who Like To Shake It

The sharing aspect

The makers of Montaj have not overlooked the sharing aspect when creating their app – I suppose no developer can afford to do that these days. After creating your masterpiece of a video, you can easily share it on YouTube, which Montaj uses to host the videos. You do have to manually make the videos public as they are, by default, unlisted. From there, you can let your Facebook/Twitter community know about your video.

For now, Montaj is compatible with iOS only,  but an Android version is in the works. Montaj is going to be available on the App Store tomorrow, January 22. In the meantime, take a look at some videos showcasing what Montaj can do.

[Image via Montaj]