Moving is stressful enough without having to deal with unreliable moving companies that are out to rip you off with their hidden charges. One minute you think you’re getting a nice sweet deal, only to realize later on that your bill is bound to be a whole lot higher than what you were originally quoted thanks to necessary “add ons” that you weren’t told about. To rub salt on the wound, you find out days later that there’s an excellent moving company just a few blocks away that is known for their professionalism and reliability; leaving you feeling frustrated not only with the service you got but also with yourself for not having done a better job at picking the right moving company. This is a familiar scenario that many can relate to and dread having to go through again.

The good news is that finding reliable movers and exactly how much each move will cost you is now easier with Unpakt.

Moving? Check Out Unpakt

Unpakt makes moving more convenient by helping you “find great movers, get exact prices and book online.” All you need to do is choose your location and the place you will be moving to, your moving space type and size and add in all the items you will be moving. This can all be done really easily as they automatically suggest the inventory per moving space type with items displayed visually along with their dimensions. You will see the average price of your move on the top right of your screen as you go along, so you get to plan what to bring and what to get rid without any headaches. You are also given other options like packing services, box purchasing, storage and special handling. The process still takes time though, especially if you have a large inventory, which is why you can save your progress at any time.

Moving? Check Out Unpakt

Once you’re done with the inventory process, Unpakt will display a list of accredited movers along with their quote for your specific move. Unpakt takes pride in working only with movers that have an excellent reputation and that have agreed with their service terms. Currently, they have about 100 verified movers scattered over 50 cities.

All you need to do then is fill out the details, choose your preferred mover and finalize the booking. So while moving will never be completely stress-free, using Unpakt will at least help you get things done a lot faster and hopefully also a lot cheaper.