How many companies started out with a crazy or unusual idea that most people thought wouldn’t work and then became major success stories? One that easily comes to mind is Facebook. And then there’s Twitter. Or how about a little search engine named Google?  While those have become mega success stories, there’s always another one biding their time to be the next superstar.

New Startups Worth Noting for 2013



As our storage needs and capabilities expand, so does our need to be able to find those files and images. That is the premise behind Found, an app that allows you to locate a file from any storage with just one search. It can locate them in Gmail, Dropbox, on your desktop, and many other places.


Flutter intends to change the way we interact with our computers. It uses gestures with regular web cams to control many activities with the PC. As more people add web cams, this technology has major potential for expansion.


We are bombarded by news every day from televised broadcasts to snippets on the internet to your friends’ posts on Facebook and tweets by your favorite celebrities.  Nuzzel provides a way to prioritize that. You get a daily digest of the top news from your friends or people you link to. This prevents you from missing out on something important because you have too much other news.


This company works with businesses to use Google Apps and develops tools to make it work even harder. BetterCloud created FlashPanel for increased functionality with Google. As more businesses move away from Microsoft and towards online management, BetterCloud can help them adjust. According to their website, they have created more applications for Google Apps than any other company.

These are just a few of the startups hoping to be the “next big thing” and they are all ones to watch.

[Image via startuphire]