Rounds, a video chat company, is announcing a new mobile version of its platform for free.  It has been called Rounds Video Chat Hangout.

Have More Fun Online

Now you can play games, watch videos with your friends, listen to music, as well as chat online with your friends from your mobile device. The Israel-based company says users can use cell phones and tablets to enjoy video-based activities with friends.

Rounds recently reports over six million users who hang out daily and spend around 40 minutes online.  It has a Facebook app along with a Chrome app, and desktop options for both the PC and Mac. The company expects an increase in users with the new mobile app.  Users have the ability to choose between 30 different games and other activities to play with their online friends.

More Than Just Chatting

While Rounds may be best known for video chat, the company wants to expand the brand to much more. There are plenty of video chat options available; they want to make it a hangout experience where people don’t just talk but do things together.

Rounds considers itself the first social hangout where online and offline come together. Not only does it provide live interaction between friends, you can capture special moments to remember later.

The app works on the iPhone and Android devices. The only thing different with using the mobile app over the desktop app is that you can share photos with your friends and you can scribble on video images. It does not have the Meet New People feature.

Rounds Adds Mobile Application

With the addition of the mobile app, users can now enjoy Rounds almost any time to hang out with their friends. As new games and activities are added, people will spend more time with their friends even if they are half a world away.