Samsung has long been known for its electronics and has now become a major competitor in the smartphone industry.  The company’s next goal is to be the name you think of in home appliances.


Samsung makes more TVs and other electronics than any other competitor and has the best-selling smartphone today. It plans to focus on the home appliance industry and become number one by 2015.

Samsung Aiming to be Number One in Home Appliances

During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, president of the appliance division Yoon Boo-keun said in an interview that the company would start with refrigerators and were on track to reach their goal.

Boo-keun is known as Mr. TV because he has played an integral role in Samsung’s strong performance in this area. In fact, the company is expecting to increase sales of TVs to 55 million in 2013, up from 51 million last year. This prediction is in spite of the fact that the industry as a whole is predicted to be stagnant due to the economy situation.

Samsung unveiled several new products in the television line. However, they also included new items in home appliances, including an internet-connected refrigerator.

The T9000 refrigerator is a 32 cu-ft four-door fridge with the most capacity of fresh food storage in its category. It even has a section that can be used as a beverage refrigerator or kid zone. In addition to the regular model, an LCD model was also seen at the show. It provides apps that can be useful in the kitchen such as sharing photos or videos or finding recipes.

Samsung also featured an oven at CES with a 30-inch slide-in range. The oven has two separate compartments for cooking at two different temperatures or times. It can be turned into one large oven for cooking items such as a turkey or other large dish and then converted to two separate ovens for more efficient use.  This oven is expected to be available for consumers in June.

Samsung said it will remove unprofitable products from its line and work on creating new products that consumers use.


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